nymphemeral - a GUI client for use with forward-secret nymservs

nymphemeral is a GUI client written in python for use with Zax-style forward-secret nymservs. A nymserv is a server that permits sending and receiving anonymous email through the mixmaster network.

nymphemeral can be easily installed via pip. Instructions are located here. It can also be installed by cloning the git repo and the usual sudo python setup.py install mechanism.

Currently, the only forward-secret nymserv in the wild is at nym.now.im. If you would like to deploy your own, source code for the nymserv is also on github. When you add one, please leave a comment here so people will become aware of its existance.


Dave at 2015-02-27 15:59:08 UTC:

nymphemeral is now on pypi. As a result, it can be installed by simply: sudo pip install nymphemeral Enjoy!

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