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  2. My mailing address: David Andersen, 205 N. Madison St., 132 IATL - Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City IA 52242 USA
  3. My OpenPGP key [Fingerprint: C5A8 E338 C2D4 C1C5 B724 E7FA 54ED A3EB 7A32 FD32].
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  5. My tox ID: 11828031AC224999BADD5DBEA4B243E9054A47B13270537015A94316393B610F135E6F41255F
  6. My Signal Private Messenger fingerprint: 05e4 eead 349c 4dcc 7703 77c0 fe71 b27f b280 f4df 3557 7e70 8cfb eb51 1027 95cb 2c
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