Useful and Interesting Stuff...

  1. My professional web page.
  2. My research wiki.
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Iowa.
  4. The Optical Society of America.
  5. The American Physical Society.
  6. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  1. A ham-radio (APRS) weather station that I designed.
  2. Weather at the Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation (reported by an APRS weather station of my design).
  3. My Outdoor page.
  4. My reef tank parameters.
  5. My favorite Lake Superior dive charter operation.
  6. My scuba diving log book.
  7. My github page.
  1. Whisper Systems - privacy-enchancing software for Android mobile phone communication.
  2. Whisper Systems Blog - Moxie Marlinspike, creator of WS, has an interesting blog.
  3. Mixminion is a 3rd generation anonymous remailer. Development may(?) be progressing again.
  4. Mixmaster is a 2nd generation anonymous remailer. Work is progressing to update the key size for modern threats.
  5. pyaxo is a python implementation of the Axolotl cryptographic ratchet.
  6. axotor is a standalone chat client based on the Axolotl cryptographic ratchet using tor to hide metadata.
  7. encoDHer - a utility for symmetric encryption of email using ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key exchange between parties.
  8. aampy - a utility for downloading hsub messages from alt.anonymous.messages.
  9. The Tor Project is a low-latency, anonymity-preserving network add-on.
  10. Pond is a secure, asynchronous email-like messaging protocol that uses the tor network for transport. To support pond, I've set up a public pondserver, available here: pondserver://JZLGWU745H6VKLRORYH7LEZ7U5B4YFDIWMRK7FMUUFSVWIVKSBDA@frm3pge47kmi25jp.onion
  1. My Herky Crypto Challenge(completed). HCC-2
  2. - a cypherpunk project.
  1. A note on building Bitcoin brain wallets that I wrote some time ago.
  1. Ubuntu - an excellent linux distribution.
  2. Mutt - a command-line email client.
  3. Qtile - a tiling window manager written in python.
  4. Weechat - a command-line IRC client.
  5. Rocks Cluster - high-performance computing cluster software based on CentOS.


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